Have you ever done anything so embarrassing that you want to curl up and disappear? Well, these Redditors know that feeling all too well. From blurting out the wrong thing to klutzy accidents and beyond, these stories are guaranteed to make you cringe deep in your soul.

1. Sudden Seasickness

I was on a particularly rough ferry crossing with my family and another family we were friends with. The mum of the other family was sitting on a lounge bench seat looking very queasy. That’s when she realized she wasn’t going to make it to the toilet. She suddenly grabbed her handbag, tipped everything out of it, and then proceeded to puke violently into it for what seemed like ages.

Then she stopped just as suddenly—a terrible look of horror on her face. She slowly lowered the bag from her mouth, staring at its prior contents on the seat next to her. You see, the bag she’d grabbed was not hers. Instead, it was a similar one that belonged to the complete stranger sitting two seats away from her. She started to apologize profusely and offered to get it cleaned.

Of course, the woman just hurriedly grabbed her things from the seat, got up, and huffed, “You can keep it”! before storming off.


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