Getting hurt is no laughing matter. Even so, sometimes, the cause of the injury is not only funny but downright embarrassing.  From being clumsy to doing something they weren’t supposed to, these Redditors share the injuries that made them too ashamed to fess up and tell the truth about what actually happened.

1. A Pile Of Burning Rubbish

I was cleaning up my yard and burning some leaves. I had an old can of smokeless powder and was making trails and piles, just being dumb and having fun. An errant spark from the fire must have gotten into the pile I was making, and the can of powder became a pipe explosive—a recipe for disaster.

It was a rectangular can, but it became a perfect cylinder from the explosion. I sustained third-degree burns on my right arm and leg. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) was about 10 feet away. She turned to me as the smoke cleared with tears in her eyes. I walked toward her saying, “It’s ok…I’m ok”.

She stuttered and said, “Am I ok”? And I told her she was. Thirty minutes later, I was in the hospital, having some of the worst pain of my life. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized the hospital nurses were on the phone with the local sheriffs, asking questions to figure out if I was making explosives or something.

It didn’t take them long to figure out I was just a moron. I told some people I saved a kitten from a burn pile, others I told it was a baby from a house fire, and a few that it was a plane crash. No one believed me. I told my mom the truth, and she believed me.


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