Everyone has embarrassing moments, but these brave Redditors shared humiliations that put most to shame. These are the memories that still haunt these poor souls at night. Thanks to their brutal honesty, we can remind ourselves on our rough days that it could be worse. Like, a lot worse.

1. Say Cheese!

So I’m a waitress at a local tavern and we get a lot of tourists. Last night, an older couple walks in holding a super nice camera. As I approach them, they ask me, “Can we get a picture of you?” Now in my head, I’m thinking this is kind of weird but what the heck… they probably just want to remember all the places they went and include a picture of their waitresses from time to time.

So I say “absolutely!” and head over next to them, kneel down, and smile for the camera they’re holding. I quickly regretted this move. They both looked pretty embarrassed, and kept looking back and forth at one another. Finally, the gentleman said, “Oh umm…haha! Would you mind actually taking the picture of us?”

Ugh… face palm. They hadn’t asked me to get a picture with them. They had asked me to get a picture of them. Annnnnnd, beet red face commence!


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