Parents can have a unique way of surprising their kids with hidden talents, apparent fearlessness, or heroic feats of strength. The parents in these Reddit stories put on quite the show for their kids. Has your dad ever rescued a drowning child, lassoed a rattlesnake, or fought a hornet with Matrix style moves?

1. Bad Day

My dad was driving me to his office when I was about ten. There was a group of five people outside of the library kicking the life out of this guy’s face. They picked the wrong day to do it. My dad just calmly parked the car, got out, and started pulling these dudes off this other guy like it wasn’t even a thing. Someone called the authorities while my dad held them all off.

When I asked him why he did it he said, “I was having a terrible day, and I could tell that guy was too”. He’s a lawyer in a relatively small town, and it turns out the guy he helped had actually got sent to jail because of him three years previously. He was still insanely thankful for what my dad did that day, and he sends us a Christmas card every year.


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