What goes around comes around. That’s the main principle of karma. But, who would expect that it would come around so quickly? Read on for the best cases of instant karma that these Redditors have ever experienced.

1. Stings Like A…Wasp

This happened when I went back to my home country to spend summer with my cousins, and I’ll never forget it. A few years back, we were at our favorite outdoor water park together. One of its few flaws is that it has wasps flying around the grassy area where people have their picnics. Due to this, our parents would always tell us to keep our flip-flops on, so we don’t get stung. One of my cousins didn’t listen, thinking she knew better, and got stung. Her foot hurt so bad that she didn’t go back to the pool.

Two years later, we went again. My aunt told her, “Okay, make sure to have your flip-flops on, you learned your lesson last time”. Her response ended up being unforgettable. She said, “Really mom? What are the chances of the same thing happening again? I’ll be fine”. Ten minutes later, she had again been stung on her foot and didn’t go back in the water for the rest of the day.


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