When someone has ground our gears for too long, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as declaring “no!”–and these people have first-hand knowledge. Whether they’d run out of patience or needed to stop a toxic cycle, these people finally took back control with a rousing, defiant “no”.

1. Thawed and Ready to Go

I used to work as a refrigeration tech and had a job at the only employer in my county. They treated me terribly, cutting pay and benefits, giving us the bare essentials to do our jobs, and then complaining when it took us longer. Then another company opened up an office and started hiring a few of us. They offered me a job as a lead tech with a bunch of benefits.

These folks and I clicked and I knew we would get along. My old employer came to my house and begged me on a literal bended knee not to quit. They made this speech about how they would give me whatever I wanted. I looked this man who had treated me so badly and just said, “no, now get out of my house”.


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