Image of french bulldog sitting next to a trophy

They may be some of the greatest athletes on the planet, but what’s a trophy room without a furry companion to share it with?

Following pets of sports stars offer a unique glimpse into their lives. These legends may have clinched a victory under immense pressure, but they also find dog hair on their clothes. They may be ferocious on the field, but have a special cooing baby voice for their fur child(ren).

Plus, these pets have it made. Spoiled rotten by the gains from their parent’s athletic achievements, they live pampered lives filled with toys, treats, and custom jerseys. This all makes for excellent entertainment, which is why following the accounts of athletes’ pets is highly recommended. We’ve rounded up our favorite accounts to take your sports fandom to the next level.

1. Christopher Chip Rafael Nadal (Serena Williams)

It turns out one of the greatest tennis players of all time is a fan of one of the other greatest tennis players of all time. Williams named her Yorkshire terrier after the legendary Spaniard who recently won his 22nd grand slam — placing him second only to Williams, who has 23 to her name.

Image of Serena Williams posing with her dog Chip next to two trophies

Just a casual photo of a tennis icon and her dog.
Credit: Getty Images

2. Steel and Silver (Patrick Mahomes)

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes might be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but his pit bull and cane corso are the top dogs at home. Steel and Silver’s Instagram account shows them living it up in the lap of luxury thanks to their dad’s football success.

3. Boujee (JuJu Smith-Schuster)

Kansas City must be a pretty pet friendly place, because it is attracting all of the top canine talent. Mahomes’ teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster has a dog named Boujee who is another pampered pup on the Chiefs’ team.

4. Rocco (Klay Thompson)

The San Francisco Warriors’ guard might be one of the best three-point shooters in the game, but his bulldog Rocco is the real MVP with his photogenic looks and elite BFF status.

5. Anthony Edwards Jr. (Anthony Edwards)

Minnesota Timberwolves player Anthony Edwards says his dog “knows how to do everything,” which is apparently why he named him after himself. It’s hard not to love the antics of two confident guys in the prime of life.

6. Wrigley, Rasta, and Rue Delle Donne (Elena Delle Donne)

It was devastating news when WNBA player Elena Delle Donne announced that her Great Dane Wrigley had crossed the rainbow bridge. However, there’s a new furry face on the account — a Great Dane puppy named Rue who is equally cute, even if she is still trying to win Rasta over.

7. Lilo and Rambo Biles (Simone Biles)

By Simone Biles’ own accord, Lilo and Rambo are “Texas living trouble makers.” These French bulldogs live in the lap of luxury thanks to their mom’s GOAT status.

Image of a fan holding up photo cutouts of Simone Biles' dogs

You know you’re a big deal when your dogs have fans.
Credit: Getty Images

8. Wilma Jean Wrinkles (Rose Lavelle)

Rose Lavelle might be one of the stars of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, but her bulldog Wilma often steals the spotlight with her sassy outfits and copious drooling.

9. Lucy, Leo, and Jade (Lindsey Vonn)

These three rescues live an adventurous lifestyle thanks to their mom, Lindsey Vonn. She may be retired from professional skiing, but Vonn and her dogs live a very active lifestyle in the mountains.

Image of Lindsey Vonn celebrating and holding her dog who is wearing a pink puffy jacket

Something tells me Vonn’s dog Lucy isn’t as comfortable in the spotlight.
Credit: Getty Images

10. Birdie (Gus Kenworthy)

He’s not the only Olympian on the list, but Kenworthy is the only Olympian to rescue a dog at the actual Olympics. While competing at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the freestyle skier rescued his dog Birdie from a meat farm in South Korea. Talk about bringing home the gold.


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