Everyone knows rude customers are expected in customer service. Whether you’re working in retail or restaurants, people can really ruin a worker’s day. But sometimes, there’s one that takes the cake… And throws it at you too.

1. The Wrong Drink?

In high school, I worked at a Dunkin Donuts, and iced coffee was brewed in large five-gallon containers. It’s similar to what they are brewed in now, but they were larger and sans plastic bags.

Anyway, it was busy at both the drive-thru and front counter, and the only other person on my shift with me was a new hire who didn’t know anything. A lady was unhappy with her iced coffee that my co-worker made, so I made it for her again. Apparently, it wasn’t made right, so she decided to cause chaos.

She threw the full cup on the floor and then walked over to where the counter barrier was, reached over it, pushed a freshly brewed five-gallon container of coffee off the countertop, and then walked out.


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