It turns out that the key to a successful marriage proposal isn’t a nice meal, a bouquet of flowers, or taking it back to where you first met, it’s in fact basing the figurehead of your $500 million super yacht on your spouse-to-be. Who knew?!

Last week, Amazon emperor Jeff Bezos was spotted off the coast of southern Spain on Koru, his 417 foot giant super vessel, with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, who he’s been dating since 2019.

What, at first, looked to be just another billionaire overlord sailing another mega yacht turned out to be one of the most tragically Bezos things we’ve ever seen: the grand reveal of Koru’s custom Sanchez figurehead.

Hold your laughter for a second though, because it appears to have worked a charm.

Since the pair were spotted last week, Page Six reports that Bezos has successfully popped the question.

The couple were spotted at Cannes Film Festival on the weekend of May 20 where Sanchez was sporting a ginormous new diamond ring that’s been described as “the size of a Balearic Island.”

Apparently Bezos posed the question to Sanchez aboard Koru, which isn’t a surprise. A 417 foot superyacht that boasts three decks, a swimming pool, and even needs a 250-foot helipad support vessel is pretty big flex, even by Bezos’ standards.

For any readers thinking about proposing to their partner in the near future, let Bezos’ approach be a lesson to you: the key to a successful marriage proposal is simply doing it aboard a $500 million super yacht which boasts a custom figurehead of your spouse-to-be. Keep it subtle. You can thank us later.


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