Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection is one of its weirder (and better) drops in recent memory and perhaps the single best item from the entire season is upon us. Yes, the Supreme Tamagotchi is set to drop and it’s quite good.

Supreme has made a mint off of selling stock stuff with its logo slapped on, which is just fine by fans (see: normal-ass Air Forces, a literal brick).

Everyone loves a good Supreme accessory. It’s usually a classic bit of pop culture recontextualized by the almighty box logo or sometimes something as simple as an appreciably handsome tchotchke elevated to kitsch status with the Supreme co-sign. When is a folding chair not a folding chair? When it says “Supreme.”

The Supreme Tamagotchi is a wonderful cash-in on Y2K nostalgia, done the Supreme way.

You’ve got three iterations of what appear to be mostly unchanged Tamagotchi toys, simply given a camouflage makeover and finished with, yes, a Supreme logo.

It’s cute, it’s — dare I say — quirky, and it’s infinitely more collectable than your average Supreme drop.

Funnily enough, the Supreme community seems to think that some branded hand towels are more appealing than a Sup Tamagotchi. Really makes you think. Or not.

There’s an interesting bit of context behind this week’s Supreme drop, insofar as its biggest bits focus on collaborative partners based in some of Supreme’s biggest markets.

Both the Tamagotchi and aforementioned hand towels are manufactured by Japanese companies (Supreme has more stores in Japan than any other country) while the HOTO tool set is produced by a company based in Shanghai.

Not much to dig into there beyond the surface-level connections but hey, there you go.

Normal Tamagotchi toys retail for $19.99 – $39.99 so expect Supreme’s version to be priced a little higher when it drops March 16 via Supreme’s website and stores.

This Tamagotchi drop is a prelude to the fun stuff that Supreme purportedly has in store later this year, which seem to include takes on the Nike Dunk Low and Air Bakin, a personal favorite old-school Nike ball silhouette.