Ever dreamed of getting revenge on someone, but somehow it just never ends up happening? Well, maybe these stories can provide some instant satisfaction, as Redditors took to the Internet to reveal the sweetest revenges they ever got.

1. In Need Of Some Training Wheels

My brother had just turned 16, got his license, and got a car from my parents. Then trashed his bicycle—just because he said he didn’t need it anymore. I was 13 and my bike was what got me around.

My brother is a jerk (in case you can’t tell) who gets grounded a lot, and grounded from the car too. At that point, he would then just help himself to my bike. After many warnings, I took matters into my own hands. I loosened the handlebars on my bike.

Seeing the handlebars pop off the bike and him eating street was a glorious day in my revenge book.


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