The Weeknd and his most recent beau, DJ Simi Khadra, are together always out and about but when it comes to serving looks, she leaves him high and dry. The couple have reportedly been dating since 2022 and, though the couple is seemingly quite tight, the difference between Khadra and The Weeknd is shockingly wide.

Spotted in mid-November on their way to and from a birthday party that The Weeknd threw for one of his managers in Beverly Hills, The Weeknd and Khadra’s outfits said it all.

The Weeknd went full Canadian tuxedo in a light-wash denim jacket over a t-shirt and grey hoodie, jeans, Nike Air Force 1 shoes and a Mr. Thursday trucker hat straight from his own merch collection. Simi, on the other hand? She was all grace in relaxed black pants and a sleek moto jacket.

It’s a timeless look, hoodie over the cap and all, but The Weeknd has the means and taste to do better. As is, he looks like a humbled teenager out past curfew on a date with his wildly popular, extremely tasteful, and well-coordinated girlfriend. 

Just prior to this outing, the pair was caught by paparazzi out in Santa Monica. This time, The Weeknd stepped his game up in a black tracksuit and Harley Davidson hat but even that got shut out by Khadra rocking a super-short denim dress, complete with adorable satin bows on the hem, paired with an angular satin-lined blazer and two-toned kitten heels. 

The Weeknd can be plenty fashionable in his own right but Simi is hands down the true stylist of the duo.

Whether they’re matchy-matchy in all-white at Coachella, or going full black tie on the Cannes red carpet, Simi and Abel always look good together. But it’s the quiet good taste that she displays through her oversized jackets and slim pants that distinguishes Khadra’s innate sense of style.

Whereas The Weeknd is clearly willing to opt in for near-brainless no-nonsense outfits, Khadra can’t turn it off, incapable of underselling herself through mediocre outfits. Everything is an occasion.

She knows how to play for the camera. Simi and her sister (and DJ partner), Haze, grew up in their mother’s boutique in Saudi Arabia, so knowing what to wear and how to wear it is in her blood. The  two sisters are front row mainstays at every fashion show that matters, but clearly Simi takes the front row in Paris as seriously as  date night with her boyfriend in Cali. 

Hopefully, Simi can apply a little of her stylistic instinct to The Weeknd’s own wardrobe. Or, at least, get some of his own merch phased out of his closet. 

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