Going to the same job day in and day out gets old quickly. Once in a while, though, the universe steps in, and—for better or worse—breaks up that routine. Keep reading to hear some of the most unforgettable days at work people have ever experienced.

1. This Penguin Was Flipping Me Out

I worked at an aquarium. One time, the penguin keeper needed help with a baby penguin, who was about the size of a cat. The penguin keeper’s hands were full, so it was my job to hold the baby penguin and make sure she didn’t get hurt while I went down this steep stairwell. It was so cute, I thought I was so lucky! Then the keeper turned around and said utterly terrifying: “Make sure you don’t let go of her neck, or she’ll rip your eyeball out in less than a second.”

She added, “Don’t be afraid of choking her; wring her neck out if you have to. It won’t hurt her, and it’s just for the stairwell.” The little gal did indeed try her hardest to take my eye out, and because I didn’t want to hurt her, I was afraid of choking her. Then it became an all-out fight.  Luckily, I still have both eyes, and the penguin still pecked away at that aquarium.


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