Customer service is never easy, but some customers are on a whole other level of terrible. From idiotic questions to outrageous outbursts, these Redditors reveal their craziest experiences on the job.

1. Fire In The Hole

I was working the drive-thru one day when a woman ordered a large orange Hi-C. She got to the window and I saw three other people in the car with her laughing pretty hard. I took her money, gave her the drink, and about two seconds later, I suddenly heard someone say “FIRE IN THE HOLE”.

As I was turning back to the register to take the order of a car that had just gotten to the speaker, I saw the drink flying at me, and I reached out with my left arm to redirect the drink back out the window and into her car. The lid came off and it exploded everywhere. S

he even had the nerve to ask my manager for her money back.  Needless to say, she didn’t get her money back and was told less-than-kindly to leave.


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