There aren’t a lot of luxury brands doing high-end tchotchkes better than CELINE. Electric surfboards, spendy soaps, and one-off cars, oh my! That’s that Hedi Slimane magic, radiating out beyond the designer’s clothing into the maison’s indulgent ephemera.

The CELINE x Master & Dynamic headphones uphold the CELINE standard. Retailing for about $900, this luxury can collaboration is over twice as expensive as the standard M&D MH40 headphones — yours for $400 — but they earn their value in the sense that these are headphones for fashionphiles, though audiophiles can appreciate the inherent quality.

That is to say, Master & Dynamic’s headphones are of course good stuff but CELINE ups the ante with extra fancy.

CELINE's Master & Dynamics headphones collabCELINE, Press
CELINE's Master & Dynamics headphones collabCELINE, Press

The metal M&D hardware is intact but the conventional lambskin paneling is replaced with extra plush leather, as CELINE wraps the strap and ear pads in extra thick cushioning.

Elegant stuff and intended to age well. You can visually see how much more sumptuous CELINE’s M&D headphones are when compared to the OG model. It’s a nice, subtle, tasteful upgrade, even, very CELINE.

You also get the CELINE logo and triomphe monogram placed on either side so folks in the know can tell that you didn’t just get nice headphones for listening to true crime podcasts on the bus: you’re buying into the fashion of it all. Dare I say… quiet luxury?

Part of CELINE’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the Master & Dynamic headphones reflect a deeper ethos of Slimane’s CELINE. Like, yes, CELINE likes its elevated accessories but also CELINE is a luxury label informed by Slimane’s deep-seated music obsession.

Slimane lenses all kinda musicians wearing his clothes, for instance, hires young up-and-comers who catch his ear to soundtrack CELINE runways, and invites his musical muses to fashionable bashes.

The Master & Dynamic headphones are an opulent flex that also speaks to the Slimane design ethos. CELINE is fashion, it’s music, it’s attitude, it’s fancy headphones. And then some.

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