If there’s one thing everyone is terrified of when wearing white trousers, it’s the prospect of getting a small stain or smudge on them. That’s not the case if you’re Justin Bieber, however, who was recently spotted trampling all over his light-colored legwear.

The pop star has made no secret of his love of a wide-fitting pair of pants over the past few years, to the extent that we even started to nickname him “baggy Bieber“, but this latest pair is pretty extreme even by his standards.

Completely engulfing the singer’s sneakers, the white pants wrapped around the soles of his shoes to result in him stepping on them while some paparazzi shots show him half-heartedly trying to hold the pants up at the front.

The whole situation, of course, begs the question: why not just pull your pants up a bit, Justin?

Wearing the outfit while out with his wife Hailey, whose street style has recently been a big topic of conversation thanks to a staged-looking Nepo Baby-themed paparazzi moment, her paring of a fluffy jacket and blue jeans rendered itself relatively tame next to her other half.

However, having found entertainment in the celebrity couple’s divergent tastes, such as their battle of the sunglasses and wildly different Halloween costumes, this was a moment of relative aesthetic unity for the Biebers.


Hailey is nailing her typical clean-girl aesthetic while Justin has dressed up his slouchy style with an oversized cardigan — and they actually look as though they’re dressed for the same event.

However, all of that is overshadowed by my worry that Justin’s permanently damaged a perfectly good pair of pants.

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