Be careful who you date because you could potentially end up trapped in the dungeons of a relationship nightmare. These Redditors have danced with the devil and are here to regale you with the wackiest stories you’ve ever heard. From wild revenge stories to full-blown obsessions, if you have your own crazy ex, these tales will have you sleeping with one eye open.

1. Ditched

My ex got custody of our three kids and got 70% of my take-home pay for child support which required me to move into the barracks. Then she immediately moved out of state without telling me, despite the divorce decree requiring my consent. All but guaranteeing I would have no contact with my kids. And that’s not even the crazy part.

The crazy part is that just a few years later she decided she didn’t want to be a mother anymore so she signed up with a carnival and left the girls on their own without telling me or the girls beforehand. She called my oldest daughter a few days after leaving to tell her to call me. They hadn’t called me before that because they had apparently grown accustomed to their mother disappearing for days at a time.

My children are all grown and married now, having their own children. They all learned after coming to live with me that I wasn’t the monster their mother had brainwashed them to believe I was, and they all agreed to be adopted by the light of my life whom I would have never met if I had not been divorced. Only one of my children has any contact with her biological mother.


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