Clean our rooms. Do our homework. Most of us had to follow our parent’s rules growing up and many made sense. However, some parents are a bit more “strict” than others, and their rulebooks were a bit thicker than the average family’s. How about “no turning left in the car” or “no yawning or sneezing in the afternoon”? The rules that some kids had to follow at home are crazy, to say the least. Reading these parental pronouncements may make you feel your childhood wasn’t really that bad!

1. Maybe an Ankle Bracelet, Too

I wasn’t allowed to leave the house until I went to university. When I was in grade five, my mom hired a babysitter who would come with me to my class and waited until my class ended. My mom didn’t want me to take a cab alone. The first time I went to a friend’s house, my father waited in the car the whole time.


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