In a perfect world, our jobs would be fun all the time. Customers would be pleasant, co-workers peachy, and our bosses our best friends. Alas, some of us—especially those in emergency services—tend to have more rotten days than rosy. We have heard the horror stories from friends and family in the workforce; from unreasonable and belligerent clients, to psycho-vindictive bosses. When things are at their worst in the workplace, it is good to reflect on the positive moments—the little things that make hard work worth doing. Take a break from the monotonous, and feel some warm fuzzies with these stories of people’s best days at work.

1. Redeeming Revival

Paramedic here. My best ever day was on a hot summer’s day in Australia, we were called to an 11-year-old boy that had drowned in his family pool. I was halfway through a foot-long meatball sub when it happened, and I darn near had a heart attack  We were about five minutes away, and when we arrived the boy’s mother was providing CPR while his eight-year-old twin sisters watched on, horrified.

I check the carotid pulse (non-existent) and started to take over on compressions. My partner started to unpack the defib pads while our student toweled the kid off. The defibrillator comes back showing Ventricular Tachycardia (one of the only two shockable rhythms), so we hit him with the lightning and he instantly went back into a normal heart rhythm.

The kid then began to splutter, so we rolled in him into the recovery position to help him get the water out of his lungs. In such a high-octane situation, it honestly felt so good to be able to successfully revive somebody. I still think about that job any time that I wonder why I’m in this profession.


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