Is there anything worse than a bad neighbor? Well, yes: A bad neighbor when you’re in a terrible Homeowner’s Association. Nobody knows that better than these Redditors, who exposed their HOA horror stories.

1. If You Want Something Done, Do It Yourself

xWe live in a condo and began receiving $100 fines for not picking up dog poop. We do pick up our dog poop. The area behind our building is a common area and lots of people walk their dogs around. I offered to submit DNA testing for my dogs and they ignored me and continued to send notices of fines.

I began taking my phone with me on every walk and took photos and videos of me picking up poop with timestamp evidence. I sent a folder full of photos to the HOA with photographic evidence that I was picking up after my dogs. We continued to receive fines. So I took drastic measures.

I got a small trash can and kept on my patio and began saving my bags of dog poop for two weeks. I did tie the bags but they were still obviously smelly as poop bags are very thin plastic. I then mailed a box of poop to the HOA office along with copies of timestamped photos showing I had picked it up.

I told them that I had better not ever receive another fine for dog poop because I had provided more than sufficient evidence that it wasn’t us. Miraculously, the fines stopped and we haven’t received any for over two years.


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