No one can choose their family, and sometimes that results in some nightmare parents and siblings. From selfish mothers and fathers to straight-up idiot brothers and sisters, these Redditors took to the internet to vent about their horrible, ridiculous, and sometimes unbelievable family situations. Get ready to feel good about your problems.

1. Netflix And No Chill

My friend got tired of her Golden Child Stepsister mooching off her Netflix account after they had a petty argument over the phone. The sister called my friend screaming at her about what a witch she is. Talking about how she’ll never amount to anything, and how she’s just a waste of space—meanwhile, the sister is $60k in debt in student loans.

Oh, and she dropped out in her final year. My friend decided she’d had enough. She then also changed the password to her Hulu and Amazon Prime accounts too, cutting her spoiled sister off further. After her sister exploded, my friend simply texted her saying, “You could always pay for your own accounts.” The sister’s response was so priceless.

“I don’t have any more money you witch! Sephora was having a sale so I’m tapped out! Screw you!” My friend and I are still laughing about this as we binge-watch shows on her accounts.


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