Doctors are supposed to be reliable, knowledgeable, and should take your concerns seriously. But when they don’t do that, you’re left with the question… Why are they a doctor in the first place?! These 50 people share stories of doctors who were ignorant, disrespectful, or just plain wrong.

1. Laughing Like A Rooster

I grew up on a farm, and we had chickens. When I was three or four, we ended up with too many roosters. They had problems, including them becoming significantly more aggressive. Combine that with me possibly antagonizing a bird slightly, and I got spurred in my wrist. For those who may not be aware, roosters have a long talon on the back of their leg that they use for fighting and defense.

This is why chicken fights are so bloody and brutal. They also walk around in poop all day. So after the initial accident my mom patched me up. I may have seen a local doctor, I don’t know. The following days I started getting really sick, to the point where my mother took me to urgent care. When we finally got in to see the doctor, he asked what was wrong.

My mom said I had gotten badly injured and was worried the wound was infected. The doctor asked how I had gotten hurt, and my mom said I was spurred by a rooster. His reaction was disturbing. The doctor for whatever reason thought that was hilarious. Like bent over laughing… Maybe he thinks of chickens how cartoons portray them and couldn’t imagine them being dangerous, I don’t know.

The fact of the matter was I had blood poisoning, as we discovered later, and the doctor was laughing at a very sick little kid. My mother asked me to wait in the hall. I was little, so the memory isn’t super detailed, but I do recall hearing her through the door threatening to “bring the rooster to your office so it can punch a bunch of holes in you, too”.

He then examined me, far more sheepishly than before… then things got really serious for a little bit while they tried to prevent me from dying from an otherwise hilarious rooster attack.

Austin Lewis

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