No one living right now knows what’s beyond the veil of life and death. But just before a loved one passes, there can be a moment where that veil is pulled back. If we’re lucky—or perhaps unlucky—the dying person might give us some parting words that act as a clue to the other side, or else gives us further insight into their lives. From secrets to mysteries, here are deathbed confessions.

1. Deal With The Devil

I was looking after an elderly woman who had gone downhill and was on her last legs for about a week. She kept asking me to read the Bible to her, and as soon as I would start, she would scream that he was coming to get her and that he was waiting right behind me. Finally, I asked her who was coming to get her. Her answer chilled me to the bone.

She replied with, “The Devil’s coming for me because I let my husband hurt our kids and did nothing”.


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