If the medical shows on TV have it right, working in a hospital is like going on a single’s cruise. In reality, however, there’s a lot less dating and a lot more disagreement. Buckle up, because these nurses are ready to tell all. 

1. Allergy? What Allergy?

I once had a doctor order medication for a patient. I took the order by telephone, then looked at the patient’s chart, and my jaw dropped. The patient indicated she was allergic to that medication. I called the doctor back, informing him that the drug he ordered, the patient was allergic to.

The doctor swore at me—he was known for it—and ordered me to give it to the patient anyway. He said the patient didn’t know what she was talking about. At that point, I called the evening nursing supervisor. I explained to her what the doctor was ordering and that the patient was allergic to it.

The nursing supervisor called the doctor. She told him that he had to come to the facility, write the order in his own handwriting, then administer the medication to the patient himself. The doctor’s nurse called back a few minutes later and ordered a different, but equally effective, medication.

Doctors really are pompous sometimes. I know. I’m the son of two of them.

Stephen Gillespie

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