When the mercury drops, we usually reach instinctively for the down and heavy wools up top, while legs are left suffering the cold in the same pair of denim you’d wear on a summer’s evening. We say no more to freezing knees, by taking a stand with some of the best cold-weather-ready winter pants on the market right now.

That’s right, while you’ve been wearing pants inappropriate for the cold, you could have been pulling on a pair of toasty, quilted down trousers. Better late than never, though.

From knitted sweatpants to technical insulation in the form of fabric blends and down padding, this cozy selection spans the length and breadth of winter pants. So whether you’re staying comfy at home or heading out into the cold, keep a pair of these to hand.

Above all, comfort should be the main priority when searching for new winter pants and fleece is a great place to start. The outdoor experts at TNF gave these pants a water-repellent finish so you can stay dry if you’re caught in a storm.

PT Torino is a perfect example of why it’s a good idea to focus on one thing and do it expertly. The Italian label only makes pants, and we’re yet to find a pair of wool pants that fits better. While some opt for modern, quilted pants this winter, PT Torino’s The Rebel Pants are perfect for the more classic wardrobe.

Another cozy pair fleece of fleece pants courtesy of the South Korean brand thisisneverthat®. Along with being known for its highly coveted New Balance collabs, the label’s streetwear offerings often go under the radar. These graphic pants are a nice alternative to your casual black sweats.

When it comes to being prepared for whatever the weather brings Salomon is among the trusted brands that can do it all. These vintage pants are finished with a padded lining and are sure to keep you warm all winter long.

RAINS knows how to make an eye-catching pair of pants with this straightforward quilted finish. Since they’re all-black you don’t have to fret about maintenance so much and can wear them all winter if you please.

Pants like these don’t come around so often. From the jacquard texture to the tonal shades of blue swirls throughout, this is easily one of the most stylish pairs on this list.

If you’re wondering whether you’re quilted pants will cut it for office work or not, you can always opt for these wool trousers by Margiela. The wide leg fit allows you to style it as you please and, of course, they come with MM’s signature white stitching on the back.

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with contrast stitching, like these double-knee trousers by LA-based TOMBOGO. These quilted pants are essential for everything from camping to getting around town to simply just laying around on your day off.

When the weather starts to drop insulated fabrics like shearling is a must. You’d be hard-pressed to find another pair with as many pockets and standout graphics as these.

It’s nice to keep warm during the colder months but having options like additional zippers or buttons when things heat up is a plus. If you’re a fan of oversized fits then these military-inspired lounge pants are just what you’ve been looking for.

For one reason or another winter has become synonymous with dark colors but why should cold weather deprive you of bright colors? Slip these over your pants when you’re in a pinch and easily convert them to a crossbody bag when you’re out of the cold.

Packable pants are a great investment because you know you’ll return to them at least a couple of times a year. While collaborations between two outdoor brands are rare, you can be sure these down trousers will hold up for seasons to come.

Whether it’s the collabs with Dior or winning the LVMH prize, ERL is clearly not slowing down anytime soon. These lounge pants highlight the brand’s attention to detail with cut and sew garments, especially with quilted designs.

If you’re one to appreciate the finer things in life then you know these cashmere pants are a pleasure to wear. Perfect for those days when you’re just lounging around or need to stay warm on the go.

Did Gucci and TNF have the best campaign last year? I’d say so. And they’ve since reunited for a new collection with quality and technical details that are second to none.

If one of your legs habitually gets colder than the other then these are just what you’ve been searching for. If not, then the half-quilted detailing only serves as a fun design feature.

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