Pizza guys see us at our best and at our worst. But what these delivery drivers have experienced goes far beyond your run-of-the-mill hangry customer. They came together on Reddit to share their most memorable calls—and after what they went through, we can only hope that karma comes through with some big tips to rebalance the scales. 

1. Champion Of The World

So I’m working as the pizza maker at a tiny independent pizza shop in New Orleans. The delivery driver is a 6’6″ Lithuanian basketball player who’s supposed to be on a basketball scholarship, but has some troubles with the NCAA over a few exhibition games he may have gotten paid for. So instead, he’s delivering pizza in a clapped-out ghetto sled instead of going to college.

We send him out on a run for three nearby deliveries, and after about 30 minutes of him being out, the customer from the third house calls to complain that their pizza hasn’t arrived yet. So I call the first house and they’re like “pizza came just fine.” I call the second house and they say their pizza just arrived, so I figure he’s had car problems and I’ll go find him.

So I drive over to the second house and follow the logical route toward the third. As I’m almost there, I see this giant man running at a full sprint down the middle of the road with the pizza bag held up over his shoulder like a waiter. I pulled up beside him and without stopping he yelled, “Must deliver pizza,” turned the corner, and ran up to the customer’s house.

When he got done, I found out the entire amazing story. His car had actually failed to start at the very first house, and he decided to run about three miles with several pizzas rather than screw around looking for a phone. Best delivery driver we ever had by far.


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