We’ve all done some questionable things in our lives. Sometimes, these things are just too embarrassing to tell anyone. Below, Reddit users share the secrets they’re taking with them to the grave.

1. Well, That Was Lit

Two friends and I messing about with aerosol cans started a fire in the woods near our homes. It quickly turned into a disaster. We ran home asap and called the fire department saying we’d “found” a fire. They took quite a while to get it under control. But, it turned out there was a local journalist embedded with the brigade who took our pictures.

We ended up being in the paper the next day under the headline: “Hero Boys Alert Fire Brigade.” We were praised by the headmaster at our next school assembly, and my mom still has the news article mounted in a frame, 30 years on. I haven’t seen those two friends for a few years, but we’re still sworn to secrecy


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