Cooler than any space pen you’ll ever find, the Lazlo is a uniquely alluring pen with an all-metal design and a fidget-worthy magnetic system. Designed by the folks at Makers Cabinet, Lazlo adds to their kit of high-end desirable and functional stationery, which all started with the HØVEL, an unconventional sharpening tool inspired by the planer – a popular woodworking tool.

Designers: Odin Ardagh and Noah Bier of Makers Cabinet

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Named after Laszlo Biro, the inventor of the popular ballpoint pen we so commonly use today, the eponymous pen celebrates almost 85 years since Biro unveiled his invention to the world. It comes with a Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refill on the inside (a highly sophisticated writing module based on a gas-pressurized system), and is triggered by a patent-pending dipole magnetic mechanism that works with a simple twist. A textured knob on the rear of the pen engages the magnets, causing them to either attract or repel based on their orientation. This pushes the refill either into the pen, or outwards, allowing you to write!

The Patent Pending Mechanism – Diametrically opposed neodymium magnets rotate bi-directionally to engage and disengage the cartridge to create an unparalleled crisp click.

A Satisfying, Balanced Weight – The profile is marginally tapered, forming an elegant shape which is both comfortable in your hand and balanced in weight.

The Lazlo comes in brass as well as aluminum variants, both offering their own merits. The aerospace-grade aluminum offers a more lightweight writing experience at just 40 grams, and comes in a matte silver finish that some would appreciate, since it pairs rather well with the anodized aluminum bodies of laptops. For others, the brass Lazlo has a distinct gravitas. It weighs 65 grams, offering a more stable, weighted writing experience, and the brass patinas over time, giving the Lazlo a more personalized vintage touch with prolonged use… something an old-fashioned purist would appreciate much more.

Longevity Tested to 80+ Years of Use.

Featuring Schmidt – The Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refill is a highly sophisticated writing module based on a gas-pressurized system. This enables you to not only write upside down but also in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The Drop Stand.

Each pen is built to last generations with sustained use, and maintaining your Lazlo is designed to be simple too. The front of the pen screws off, allowing you to access the refill and replace it from time to time, and the Lazlo is designed to accommodate euro-styled refills too. Whether you choose the brass or aluminum variant, each Lazlo comes with a removable metal clip, making it easy to carry around in your lapel pocket, or you could opt for Makers Cabinet’s leather sheath designed specifically for carrying the Lazlo. If you’re more of the kind of person to keep your pen on a tabletop surface, the designers also offer an exquisite-looking Drop Stand machined from metal too, which lets you dock your Lazlo in a perfectly vertical position, so it’s easy to grab when you want to write, and admire at other times!

Click Here to Buy Now: $70 $108 (35% off). Hurry, only 3/105 left!

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