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TL;DR: The 2022 Complete Arduino Pioneer Starter Kit and Course Bundle is on sale for £83.19, saving you 49% on list price.

Are you ever too old for some fun with electronics? Arduino could be both the accessible starting point for the young future STEM student in your life, or it could be a hobby tool with tons of applications. If you or a new STEM learner wants to get started with Arduino, then try out the 2022 Complete Arduino Pioneer Starter Kit and Course Bundle. This bundle comes with the hardware to play with, the software to control it, and some fun starter projects all on sale for £83.19.

This bundle could help you or someone you know get started with programming and learning how to build electronics. Arduino isn’t just one thing, and this bundle doesn’t just come with one thing. It’s both the hardware, the programming language, and accessories and modifications that let you expand what you can build. This kit includes the materials to assemble the Arduino Uno, a bootcamp to learn how to use and create things with Arduino, a book to study, and some fun project ideas that might appeal to young learners. 

The first step is assembly, which the manufacturer estimates should take 60-90 minutes. Once assembled, you can start working on the eight included lessons that teach the basics of Arduino, including how to code and create a realistic flame effect with an LED. Once the lessons are done, it’s onto the study book or the starter and premium projects. Learn to create a subtle chirping sound, a collision warning system, a colour gauge, and more. And that’s just the starter projects. You can also build a water leak detector, RGB controller, or turn your Arduino into an instrument and play up to 88 different musical notes. That’s as many as a full-sized musical keyboard.

If you want to find an accessible entry-point into electronics design, coding, and STEM, Arduino could be it. The 2022 Complete Arduino Pioneer Starter Kit and Course Bundle is only £83.19 and no coupon code is needed.


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