Person using the Mooyee M2 Wireless Muscle Stimulator on a colorful background.

TL;DR: As of July 27, you can get the Mooyee M2 Wireless Muscle Stimulator for just $179.10 instead of $199 with code MASHDEAL10.

There are many ways to take care of your body after an intense workout. Getting a professional massage can reduce or delay the soreness that comes after intense muscle strain, but you likely don’t always have time or money to seek out and schedule a massage. What you could do instead is use a device that uses NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation to help your muscles relax. That’s something the Mooyee M2 Wireless Muscle Stimulator may be able to help you with, and for a limited time it’s only $179.10 (Reg. $199) with code MASHDEAL10

The Mooyee M2 is a portable, easy-to-operate muscle stimulator that combines two forms of light electric shocks to help stimulate your muscles and relieve nerve or joint pain. Using a mix of TENS and NMES treatment, you may be able to keep some of your post-workout soreness at bay. 

To use it, just stick the electrode pads on the sore muscle. A set is included with your purchase. Then attach the Mooyee pads to the electrodes after making sure they’re charged. If they aren’t, just use the micro USB that’s included. Then turn them on using the Mooyee app! You can even have each pod massage at different intensities. 

What’s happening while you’re getting your massage is a series of light electrical pulses are being directed into your muscles, joints, and nerves. It sounds like it should hurt, but what it’s really doing is stimulating those parts of your body. Technology like this has even been used for stroke patients to help prevent muscle atrophy. 

Relax after hitting the gym and give your body a chance to experience a workout without hurting afterward. For a limited time, get the Mooyee M2 Wireless Muscle Stimulator on sale for $179.10 (Reg. $199) with code MASHDEAL10

Prices subject to change.