We often overlook the creativity and efforts of engineers who create the awesome infrastructure that we are surrounded by. Just take a look at this online community on Reddit and you’ll be mesmerized. by the brilliance of man-made structures.

From beautiful bridges to breathtaking underground stations, the online community will take you to many amazing places through their high-quality images of infrastructure. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 A Curve At B31, 79874 Breitnau, Germany

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#2 Friedrich Bayer Bridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Image source: Manisha2256

#3 India Has Constructed A 16 Km Long Elevated Highway As To Allow Wild Animals To Pass Underneath It

Image source: Alkit777

#4 Netherlands Land Bridge

Image source: lambcasters

#5 Curved Pedestrian Bridge Links Two Riverfront Parks In Providence, Rhode Island

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#6 Arc De Triomphe, From Above

Image source: Adventurous_Sense750

#7 Crab Overpass On Christmas Island, Preventing Migrating Crabs From Getting Ran Over

Image source: Theweedhacker_420

#8 Sart Canal Bridge – La Louvière, Belgium

Image source: rockystl

#9 Dragon Bridge, Vietnam

Image source: Ironyfree_annie

#10 Sea Cliff Bridge, New South Wales, Australia

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#11 The World’s Oldest Underground Station 157 Years Apart

Image source: DeviMon1

#12 Panlong Road Aerial View

Image source: wmdolls

#13 Hands Bridge, Vietnam

Image source: Teillu

#14 Intersection In Zagreb, Croatia

Image source: nixass

#15 Hotan-Ruoqiang Railway China

Image source: Yonglimon

#16 Brusio Spiral Viaduct, Switzerland

Image source: h2ozo

#17 Chengyang Yongji Bridge In Liuzhou City, China

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#18 High Speed Trains In Nanjing, China

Image source: Ninnux

#19 The Uninhabited Island Of Baljenac In The Adriatic Sea

Image source: el_empty

Uninhabited except for a 14-mile network of low stone walls. Built by residents of a nearby island to separate crop fields and vineyards.

#20 Road Connecting Different Islands In Åland Islands

Image source: Racingamer145

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