Meet the Stilform AEON, a pencil that lasts eons, as its name rightfully suggests. Designed by the company that won the World’s Best Pen award for the Stilform Pen back in 2016, the AEON is the result of a nifty material innovation that turns the pencil immortal. Made with a special metal tip that oxidizes paper, leaving a grey streak as a pencil would, the Stilform AEON lets you write effortlessly and endlessly. Unlike graphite pencils, AEON’s lines are smudge-proof and waterproof. Besides, since this tip’s made of metal rather than graphite, you can easily put it in your pocket without worrying about it leaving any marks.

Designer: Stilform

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The AEON is designed based on Stilform’s classic format. The pencil takes on a minimalist cylindrical style, machined entirely from a single piece of metal. It does, however, come with two flat surfaces that prevent the pencil from rolling around, and with the AEON, these flat surfaces are lined with beautiful FSC-certified wood veneers that provide a great contrast against the pencil’s all-metal design. The ‘Eternal Tip’ which sits on the top of the pencil is made from an alloy of Tin and Bismuth, giving it the unique property to ‘write’ without actually ever depleting.

You can write on paper or on a variety of surfaces (it’s textile proof so don’t worry about getting marks on your clothes) and you never need to sharpen the tip or worry about it running out. However, if you just want a more traditional writing experience, the AEON’s Eternal Tip snaps out magnetically, and lets you add in the pencil’s modular Graphite Tip instead. With the Graphite Tip magnetically loaded into the AEON, your pencil is now a sleeker, sexier-looking version of the traditional graphite pencil. Its strokes are darker, but it’s erasable and can be smudged for artistic effect.

An All-in-One Pencil with Switchable Magnetic Tips – In need of a pencil for note-taking or just a quick sketch? Made possible by Aeon’s neodymium magnet, you can switch freely between an “Eternal” metal tip and a graphite tip for different pencil uses.

The Eternal Tip – The natural and non-toxic Tin and Bismuth elements join together to create pencil-like marks. This tip hardly wears itself down over time.

Textile Safe. Smudge-free and Water-proof – When your work is finished, your hands or sleeves remain clean. Liquid won’t make the marks fade. As neat as its strokes are, they are still erasable like a 2H-pencil.

Graphite Tip. Sketcher’s Choice – For a more conventional pencil experience, just switch to the graphite tip. Its strokes are darker but easily erased too.

A Design with Pending US Patent – Tired of fractured pencil tips? You never have to worry about a fragile construction with AEON’s powerful metal body and Eternal tip combination.

Anti-roll Chamfers – The distinctive flat sides along the pencil, decorated with tasteful veneers, stop pen-rolling effectively.

The AEON is available in as many as 4 different metal bodies, in a total of six styles. For an everlasting body to match the everlasting tip, you can opt for its titanium build, available in matte, DLC black, and mirror polished, or go for other materials like aluminum for a few anodized color options, magnesium if you want something lightweight, or brass, which weighs significantly more for a heavier, stabler writing experience.

The brass option is also the only one that will patina over time, giving your AEON a distinct look that’s unique to you. Stilform offers the AEON in a variety of combinations, matching metals with aptly chosen wood veneers placed on the flat sides to add an earthy streak to your pencil while also preventing it from rolling off tabletop surfaces.

Once you’ve decided which AEON you want, you can claim it through your pledge on Kickstarter, with the Aluminum/Magnesium variants priced at €49 ($50 USD) and the titanium/brass variants at €79 ($80 USD), or €109 ($111 USD) for the Titanium Black DLC version.

Click Here to Buy Now: $50 $71 (30% off). Hurry, only 10/1000 left! Raised over $150,000.

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