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TL;DR: As of March 9, a lifetime subscription to DogTV, aka the streaming service for dogs, is on sale for $149 instead of $838. That’s a savings of 82%.

If you’ve ever been lounging in front of the TV marathoning your favorite show, you may have noticed your dog doing the same thing. They aren’t just copying you. Dogs actually do like certain types of TV shows, and it might even help them relax, focus, or find a pleasant distraction. 

Dogs may like television, but they may have different taste than their owners. DOGTV is a streaming service specifically for dogs. You can get a lifetime subscription to DOGTV for the best price online, just $149 (reg. $838). 

TV just for dogs 

DOGTV plays a 24/7 stream of programs just for dogs, and everything from the colors to the sound and stimulation style is catered specifically to canine companions. For years, dogs have been hounded by the myth that they can only see in black and white. That’s not actually true. Dogs can see color, and DOGTV has catered their color scheme just for canine viewers.

If you’ve ever seen your dog looking for comfort during a fireworks show or getting stressed from bright lights, then you may want to show them to relaxing sights and sounds DOGTV plays. Whether DOGTV’s calming sensory shows help reduce destructive behavior or just gives your dog a chance to relax from the daily stress of their dog life, it could be a pleasant treat for your pup to watch while you’re not home. Stream curated canine content on up to four devices at once, so your dog can enjoy their favorite shows on a smart TV, iOS device, game console, or on your computer’s browser.

DOGTV isn’t a dogsitter, and it won’t train your dog to do tricks. What it could do is act like one of your dog’s favorite toys when you’re not home. It’s just one more thing to enjoy until their favorite person in the world comes back to play with them. 

Help your dog relax by watching TV

The right TV show could help your dog relax while you’re at work. Get your paws on a lifetime subscription to DOGTV for the best price online, only $149 (Reg. $838). 

Prices subject to change.