palm angels activewear

Athleisure has seen a meteoric rise to fame in recent years. Of course, wearing comfortable sportswear dates back a long way, becoming a status symbol in the ‘90s; in the past decade, we’ve seen it become a whole new beast.

With many workout clothing brands earning cult followings by positioning themselves not only as functional clothing outlets but also as signifiers of a healthy, covetable lifestyle, it’s no exaggeration to say that workout gear is one of the biggest success stories in fashion in recent memory.

Of course, the world of luxury fashion has been paying close attention, and every luxury house has some form of luxury activewear collection available. Few, however, hit the mark as perfect as Palm Angels, whose newest activewear collection is defined by one piece that has us in a chokehold.

The Palm Angels activewear collection is led — in our minds — by the Seamless Compression Top. This technical garment straddles the line between high-end fashion and high-end performance. The knitted construction comes with ample stretch thanks to a supple elastane blend, giving it a perfectly fitted silhouette with a high neck.

Thanks to reinforced weaves at high-wear points, the Seamless Compression Top is characterized by a range of textured panels, some checkered and some striped. A Palm Angels logo finishes the piece to the chest, but due to the tonal, back-on-black design, none of the details overpower the dramatic shape of the piece.

Will we work out in Palm Angels activewear? Probably not; it’s just too pretty. Will we be using the Seamless Compression Top as the foundation for our fall/winter layering? Absolutely.

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