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TL;DR: As of Jan. 8, you can sign up for the Complete 2023 Logic Pro Training Bundle for just $39 — that’s just $3.50 or so per course.

Logic Pro X is one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations available, but there’s a lot to learn. Whether it’s for a hobby, a passion, or a job, if you want to get into music production, familiarity with Logic Pro X could help you along. Start learning with the Complete 2023 Logic Pro Training Bundle while it’s on sale for $39 (reg. $2,189). 

Learn how to use Logic Pro X 

Logic Pro X is a macOS app that lets you record and create and edit audio tracks. If you haven’t used it before, you can get a free 90-day demo. Once you learn how much it can do, it might not be long before you get the app for real. 

Start with the basics in The Logic Pro X Manual, a 14-hour masterclass that gives you access to 105 lectures on everything from organizing your audio projects to creating your own chords and key commands. You can also experiment with more basic tools in Beats and Drum Loops Music Production.

Once you have a strong grasp of the basic tools, you can start exploring music production in a variety of genres. If you’re a fan of EDM or Progressive House? Check out the detailed guides inspired by their style. 

Each course is taught by a real music producer and professional musician named Martin Svensson. Learn from a real pro musician with more than 10 years of experience using Logic Pro X, and he has even worked on the score for award-winning films

All course content is available for life. That may be especially useful if you want to experiment with one genre for a while. When you’re ready to move on, you can pop into a course showing you how to create EDX music after you’ve mastered EDM. Just make sure to keep a good speaker around to listen to your work.

Master music production using Logic Pro X

Learn how you can turn your Mac into a musician’s workstation. For a limited time, get the Complete 2023 Logic Pro Training Bundle for $39 (reg. $2,189). 

Prices subject to change.


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