Let’s face it—sometimes work sucks. Whether it’s an unreliable co-worker, an irritating customer, or poor working conditions, the day-to-day drama is both endless and amusing. So if you’re feeling down about your job, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Read on for some scandalous—and hilarious—work drama from these Redditors.

1. When Reality Strikes

My co-worker got her car repossessed. She had it for six months, almost tore the bumper off, and just beat the thing relentlessly. For some reason, she thought she could just make partial car payments for it. She didn’t want to pay 100% of all of her bills because then she’d have very little money left to do fun things like go out all the time.

Now she has to come up with $1100 in 10 days to get her car back as well as provide proof of insurance. Not only does she not have $1100 OR any insurance, but it gets stupider. She doesn’t even have a valid license to drive with. She thinks she can just let the car go without any consequences and the dealer will just sell it. Good luck, fam.


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