A close-up of a person holding an iPod Classic.

Back in those hazy mid-noughties days, long before our phones could do basically everything for us, the iPod reigned supreme.

But maybe it’ll get its day in the sun again. Currently, thanks to an app that’s swiftly growing in popularity on TikTok, the go-to music device of decades past is having a small revival.

The app is called Retro Pod, and it’s being doing the rounds in recent weeks after various posts about it went viral.

Essentially the app gives you a display similar to that of the iPod Classic, pulling in your albums from Apple Music and allowing you to do the fun scrolly bit with the wheel in the middle, just like the good old days.

Two images side-by-side that show the display of the app Retro Pod, which looks like the display of an iPod Classic.

Bring back memories?
Credit: Retro Pod/Mashable composite

The bad news? The app doesn’t work with Spotify, so you’ll have to use Apple Music instead. (If you’re really desperate, though, you can visit ipod.js for a Spotify browser version.)

Retro Pod is currently free on the app store.