Timothée Chalamet has gone Powerpuff mode…in the Powerpuff Girls’ Dunks.

The Wonka star was out and about on December 23, finishing his holiday shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills. Picking up a gift for girlfriend Kylie Jenner, perhaps? Well, one can’t go wrong with a gift from his new Chanel family.

Anywho. Chalamet practiced his typical lowkey dressing during the run, wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled over a New York Yankees cap paired with baggy cargo trousers.

timothee chalamet powerpuff dunks outfitBackgrid, Press

His footwear wasn’t so secretive, though. Chalamet broke up his all-black look with the unmistakable green and black Powerpuff Girls Dunks. They even appeared fresh out-the-box, as the Nike SB sneakers still had the extra laces attached.

It’s surprising to see that Chalamet didn’t pull out his Wonka Dunks for the occasion. But I wouldn’t want to run errands in such exclusive pairs, either.

The sneaker choice — the Powerpuff Girls’ Dunks — makes sense for Chalamet, nonetheless. Though I see him as more as a Blossom or even Bubbles type, Buttercup’s pairs are pretty fire, boasting satiny finishes and cartoon-influenced details.

Chalamet is relatively easy to spot even in his dressed-down, incognito outfits, which are often equipped with pretty nice sneakers (he wore the latest ensemble but with white Forces just a day ago).

timothee chalamet powerpuff dunks outfitBackgrid, Press

We’ve seen Chalamet step out in solid kicks from Wales Boner x adidas to Nike SB Jordan 4s to Rick Owens’ Converse shoes. Plus, nothing speaks to his silly guy energy like a bright green sneaker inspired by crime-fighting kindergarteners with superpowers.

Call me crazy, but maybe he’s on to something with last-minute Christmas shopping in Powerpuff Girls Dunks. A blend of sugar, spice, and everything Nike sounds like a solid power boost for getting through the final hours of crowded holiday shopping.

Or maybe that’s just my delusional thoughts, thinking superhero-influenced Dunks will actually help combat packed stores and long lines. A Powerpuff-slash-Nike fan can dream, can’t she?

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