As the new WIlly Wonka, it’s very on brand for Timothée Chalamet to look like actual Wonka candy. And so, at the Tokyo red carpet for the premiere of prequel film Wonka, Chalamet wore a shiny suit that could itself pass as Laffy Taffy.

Seriously, dare to compare Chalomet’s lavender suit to actual grape Laffy Taffy. Talk about subliminal advertising!

And so, looking all the world like leftover Halloween candy with a chip on its shoulder, Chalamet stalked the Wonka red carpet with hooded eyes and white boots so flatly wide that they look like someone dropped a bowling on his foot, Looney Tunes-style.

Most distressingly, young Timmy wore his sculpted suit shirtless, meaning that the process of peeling it off his torso post-premiere was likely about as sticky as, well, Laffy Taffy.

At least if the suit was actually made of Laffy Taffy, it could just be eaten afterwards. Instead, this thing must be hosed down.

Such is the price of pouring oneself into custom designer, though, which is exactly what Chalamet is wearing, courtesy of Prada.

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only person who enjoys sliding into a head-to-toe leather Prada look, you see.

Though Chalamet was most recently seen wearing some possible Willy Wonka-themed merch he’s otherwise worn nothin’ but luxury as of late. Most days he’s ensconced in CELINE — he’s chummy with Hedi Slimane, the house’s creative director — logos poppin’ and jeans skinny.

But in his free time, Timmy prefers a li’l low-key streetwear, including some appreciably tasteful sneakers.

It’s funny to see the juxtaposition between red carpet Timmy in his Laffy Taffy look versus day-to-day Timmy in his casual duds, if unsurprising.

No shock that famous people prefer normal clothes on the daily but the juxtaposition between their street clothes and designer duds is amusing enough, especially someone who enjoys bombast as much as Timmy.

So, with Laffy Taffy tackled, what’s next for Timmy? Body paint to look like Nerds candy? A banana suit to affect Runts? A pair of bottlecap pasties for Bottlecaps? The possibilities are endless! Except not really, because there’s only so many Wonka candies.

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