Celebrity style evolution can be a funny thing. Unpredictable, unexpected; it can go either way; your style heroes losing their edge or the overlooked hitting surprise peaks that sees them reach iconic status. Travis Barker? Well, he might just be headed toward the latter.

Everyone has their own opinions on the Kardashian clan and the weight of their influence. Some may even say it’s coming to an end. Whether or not you believe in the Kardashian curse, their dating history has certainly shown that our relationships can dictate our style.


There’s no denying the stylistic influence Ye had over the family, from ex-wife Kim and her sisters to Scott Disick and Corey Gamble – but what about when the shoe’s on the other foot?

Travis Barker may well be the first real example we have of the Kardashian influence on a partner’s style.


How so? Well, we’ve witnessed the Blink-182 drummer’s style evolve dramatically since getting into a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. From his homegrown Famous Stars and Straps and his broad spectrum of rock band tees to Balenciaga and Rick Owens.

One thing that’s remained true throughout his style evolution, regardless of newfound designer brand loyalties, is that Travis Barker enjoys his garms on the darker end of the spectrum. All black, baby.

As the drummer stepped out for another Los Angeles studio session, he donned another all-black get-up, this time around, a set of $2,700 Prada Re-Nylon Overalls.

A statement piece that exudes versatility and function, who wouldn’t want to smash some drums kitted out in Prada?