And so the buildup for Travis Scott’s Utopia continues.

Last year, Scott’s team quietly kicked off the album rollout, plopping billboards along the dusty road leading to Coachella Valley (though Scott didn’t take the stage).

The road to Utopia has been a lengthy one (it feels like we’ve been hearing about the album for years now). With talks of an A24 film, the forthcoming project faced several pushbacks following the Astroworld tragedy on November 5, 2021, where ten attendees of Scott’s annual festival lost their lives due to a deadly crowd surge.

While Scott denied accountability for the tragic incident, he did launch Project HEAL, “a multi-tier, long-term series of community-focused philanthropy and investment efforts,” per the website. Efforts also included addressing event safety.

Now roughly two years after the Astroworld events, Scott is back in the public eye, having resumed his partnerships like Cactus Jack x Dior and Nike, and he’s even back on stage teasing said collabs.

I guess that means it’s time for Utopia. Though, not everyone is ready for it.

Early this week, Scott attended a Houston Astros’ game where he played his forthcoming album just for the audience in his hometown.

Fast forward to May 18, Scott hit up a studio in Hollywood, once again quietly teasing the project.

Rolling up in the million-dollar Braubus G-Wagon (he has the only model in the states), the musician naturally arrived with a bodyguard, who carried a brown “Utopia” briefcase — a briefcase the security was handcuffed to. A little bit theatric, but hey, what do I know?

Anyways, Scott himself wore an all-black outfit featuring a Summa Cum Laude bomber jacket, a camouflage Louis Vuitton bag, and what appears to be customized versions of his collaborative Air Jordan 1 Low “Olive” sneakers.

If you look closely, Scott’s customs feature Utopia branding and graphics on the heels. The regular pairs dropped back in April as a women’s exclusive, with murmurs suggesting this might be his last Air Jordan 1 collaboration. What’s he trying to say with these customs?

Final AJ1 = Scott’s farewell album? With Utopia being Scott’s big comeback since 2018’s Astroworld, maybe this isn’t the end of Scott’s Air Jordan 1 collabs and there’s more to come? The mystery remains.

Regardless, it looks like Utopia is coming, and from the looks of this promo run, very soon at that.


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