Part of what makes medical dramas so intriguing is that often the patients come in with one complaint, and they end up finding something completely different—and much worse! These medical professionals from Reddit shared their real-life stories of medical plot twists, ranging from shocking test results to ignorant patient mistakes. Be prepared to be equally surprised, disgusted, and disappointed with humanity.

1. Pain Tolerance

I had a male in his 50s WALK into trauma to have his left thigh stitched up. Not an uncommon wound in an agricultural area. Speaking to him while stitching him up he tells me he fell off a ladder while cutting a branch and the machete sliced him on the way down. Told him I was going to write him up for an x-ray of the entire leg just in case.

He kept on saying he was fine, his knee hurt a bit but logically that was from the fall. I agreed, but asked him to go to the x-ray department just in case. He reluctantly walked there and back. The x-rays showed a helical fracture almost the entire length of his femur! Besides being a dangerous fracture, the femur is supposed to be the most painful bone to break and he was walking around.

In the end I had to show him the break to get him to sit down on a wheelchair and into the hands of orthopedics. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. That man’s pain tolerance still impresses me.


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