There are the usual reasons for sending a kid to the principal’s office. Kids are disruptive, they’re mean to other students, and so on. These Redditors, mostly teachers, shared the weirdest reasons why students in their classes were sent to detention. From surprise fits of rage to the use of questionable writing utensils, these stories will make you wonder what’s really going on in classrooms these days.

1. Bunny Nuggets

A grade one student came up to me on the playground telling me that another student was making her sick. She pointed to another student about 30 feet away, looked at me, and projectile puked on the blacktop. I went to the other student…he had found rabbit poop on the ground and stuck them in his mouth and was chasing kids around. Now it was my time to puke. I didn’t go to the office. But the rabbit poop kid did.


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