adidas just gained a new, stylish collaborator, Tulie Yaito.

Following a couple of teasers, Tulie recently took to Instagram to officially announce her partnership with adidas Originals, confirming a shoe team-up in the same breath.

Details surrounding the shoe collaboration, like the release date and silhouette, remain tightly under wraps. However, Tulie did provide first looks at a black collaborative shoe box.

You may have seen Tulie Yaito on your social media feed a few times before — she’s easily one of the most stylish presences on the internet right now.

Known for her avante-garde street style, Tulie is backed by a devoted audience who patiently awaits her next IG ‘fit pic, which could be anything from this season’s Rick Owens to rare archival Issey Miyake pieces to an emerging name like NYRVA (or a combination of all the above with Yaito always included).

Indeed, Tulie is also one of two of the Yaito brand, sharing the fashion-related venture with her partner Carlton Yaito. ICYMI: We caught up with Carlton in August last year, discussing the label’s popular paisley knot bags taking over Instagram — and footwear collabs.

Looking back, it looks like he subtly hinted at Tulie’s adidas collab, stating during the interview, “Funny enough, there is another shoe that we’ll be releasing at some point this year with another company.”

Before adidas, the two minds behind Yaito worked with PUMA on a patchwork paisley Suede sneaker that never came to be. According to Carlton, only a few pairs were made — Jay-Z apparently owns one of them — while the rest were “scrapped.”

Now, it appears Yaito is team adidas, with Tulie leading the way with an inaugural sneaker team-up.

While I suspect more details will be soon revealed, my mind can’t help but wonder: Will she join the Samba wave? Or maybe the Gazelle? Or, given Tulie’s love for archival finds, she’ll revive an old silhouette perhaps? Will it feature the brand’s signature bandana print?

As a longtime fan of Yaito and the creatives behind it, I think I can speak for myself, as well as other Yaito heads, when I say: Whatever it is, count me in.

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