Let’s be honest: UGG is killing it right now. From the runway to the streets, the brand’s footwear is everywhere — the classics, clogs, platforms minis, you name it.

In continuing its ascension, UGG cooked up a new sandal with all the makings to be the summer shoe. Ladies and gentlemen: meet the UGG “Aww Yeah” sandal.

Launched in February, the “Aww Yeah” sandal — 10/10 name, by the way – is quite eye-catching, to say the least. An elevated version of the Sport Yeah slide, the newest UGG sandal maximizes the unique, puffy look and throws in a platform.

The result? A fun UGG shoe that’s weird but also…cute — it’s weirdly cute!


The “Aww Yeah” sandal is constructed entirely of EVA from the upper to the sole. So, it’s probably super comfortable. There’s also a branded strap at the heel, which can be adjusted or removed entirely for a slip-on style.

Since its debut last month, the “Aww Yeah” is already both Julia Fox and Rita Ora-certified (Bella Hadid next?).  Between the stand-out design and the stamp of approval from style stars, it smells like we could have another platform mini on our hands.

I’m not going to lie: I sat for a moment debating whether I loved them. One YouTube review and a couple of clicks through the colorways, my status updated to obsessed (more like a “gimme, gimme” if I’m being honest).


The UGG “Aww Yeah” sandal is currently available on UGG’s website in flavors like Strawberry Cream, Summer Sky, Black, and White. An exclusive beige scheme is scheduled to land at atmos Tokyo on March 14.


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