Corey Haim could be a poster boy for child actors who fail to launch as adults. This innocent from Canada quickly reached the heights of Hollywood fame only to fall just as fast. It was addiction that did him in, but there are some sinister accusations to explain Haim’s tragic fall from grace.

1. He Was A Shy Boy

Corey Haim’s birthplace was Toronto, Canada and his date of birth was December 23, 1971. Haim’s mother, a data processor named Judy Haim, noticed something worrisome about her son. He lacked confidence and seemed painfully introverted. If you’re a shy teenager, the last place you want to be is in the spotlight.

Well, Haim’s mother thought that thrusting her son onto a stage would cure his timidity. She signed him up for improv classes and even mime lessons. This, however, did much more than just cure the young boy’s shyness.

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