They could be strokes of luck, happy coincidences, or just plain scary experiences you just can’t explain. These are moments where you can feel incredibly blessed or cursed! Even if you’re a skeptic, these true but unexplainable stories from Redditors will send a chill up your spine and make your blood run cold.

1. Running On Empty

Way back in 1996, I had just dropped out of university and moved back home to my parent’s place. My tail was firmly between my legs. I had almost no money and absolutely no job prospects. What I did have was an old Jeep Comanche with all my belongings in the back and 200 miles to go. I borrowed $20 from a friend for gas and started the trip.

I got to a point that was 30 miles from home, and realized that the gas tank was empty. I pulled into a gas station/rest stop and sort of cried for a minute in my truck. I needed $5 for gas to make it the rest of the way, but I had nothing. There was no way I could call my dad and ask for help. He was already so disappointed.

After a minute, I started searching around my truck for change. I opened the glove box, and there were these paper ‘loyalty bucks’ for a gas station that I never used. It turns out it was the same gas station that I was stopped at. The vouchers were worth $4.70. I found another $2.00 in change, put $6.00 in the gas tank, and bought a coke.

I made it home. Fast forward 20 years, I had sorted my life out and am a lawyer. That gas station hired me as their outside counsel. I got to tell this story to the president of the company.


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