Most people would agree that school is a total chore. That’s likely why students get into all kinds of shenanigans—it’s out of sheer boredom! From tales of wholesome fun to downright dangerous pranks, here are 50 stories featuring students who decided to pull some truly creative and memorable pranks.

1. Leaving You Breathless

My school had two lunch periods to accommodate our population. The first time I realized something was up was during the second lunch period. I was walking in the stairwells to class when I started coughing, along with a lot of others. It felt like I’d swallowed sawdust. I was near the science labs, so I thought it might’ve been a chemical reaction gone wrong.

The next day during lunch, the upper forum was weirdly completely deserted. As I was going upstairs, my friends and I started noticing we felt the same; like there was sawdust in our throats. When we opened the door of the stairwell to the forum, the effect increased tenfold and a teacher ushered us back into the stairwell.

We’d barely gotten to class when the entire school was evacuated. When the truth got out, I was floored. I still have no clue who did it, but it turns out that someone had gone around spraying mace, or pepper spray, or SOMETHING into the ventilation shafts during lunch. The culprit was never found, but I do want to thank him for the fifteen-minute evacuation—I got to skip science class!


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