Any king who starts out as Charles the Beloved and ends up as Charles the Mad had something go seriously wrong along the way. Charles VI inherited one of the most powerful kingdoms in Europe—but as his mind grew more and more unhinged, his reign grew darker and darker, until he very nearly wiped France off the map. So what happened to King Charles VI of France? Let’s find out.

1. His Parents Were A Power Couple

Charles VI was born into a chaotic time. The Hundred Years War with England was raging, but his father, the formidable Charles the Wise, was up to the task. He and his wife, the brilliant Joanna of Bourbon, were the definition of a power couple. The two of them managed to outfox the English at every turn, and it looked like they were close to winning the whole war (Spoiler Alert: Their son would screw up everything).

But while Charles and Joanna saw success on the battlefield, they faced horrible tragedy at home.

King Charles VI of France

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