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Off-White™ Fall/Winter 2023 saw IB Kamara make his creative directorial debut with his “Lunar Delivery” collection of outerwear crafted with zippers and hardware, distressed knits, and UFO-style eyewear. And much like the clothes, Ib Kamara’s Off-White™ FW23 footwear is, too, also out of this world.

We got up close and personal with Off-White™’s FW23 footwear, which land with innovative finishes and space-age-focused paint jobs. It’s a step into the new chapter of Off-White™, if you will.

Off-White™ lace-free runners — assumably dubbed “Glove” based on its tongue branding — boasts an upper comprised of a mesh foundation topped with leather overlays. At the same time, futuristic design details and unique protrusions are reminiscent of a spaceship’s design almost, further reiterating the collection’s sci-fi tones.

Then, for the finale, the Off-White™ “Glove” finishes off with a branded strap overlapping the toe box, followed by a hard-to-miss extra-thick sole.

See, the elevated, chunky base pretty much informs Off-White™’s FW23 footwear, also surfacing on the collection’s hiking-focused boots and a pull-on sneaker.

Indeed, Off-White hops on the gaiter wave with Salomon and MM6‘s Cross Lows and Nike’s Air Max Scorpions, issuing its own shoe equipped with an adjustable vamp.

With a thick, athletic-focused bottom like the Glove, Off-White™’s gaiter shoe arrives in a host of schemes from monochromatic gold to the earthy mashups mirroring a crash landing on Mars (or in Kamara’s case, a harkening back to his beginnings in West Africa).

Houston, I think we might have the next label’s next Out of Office on our hands. In short, we could be looking at the brand’s next classic.

Like the wider collection, Kamara’s footwear paves the way for a new era of Off-White™ — moving towards the future while maintaining those core elements instilled by the founder: childlike curiosity, streetwear edge, and imitable innovation.

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